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An exciting month ahead

Hello! I've some news for you!  I've kept it to myself for several months, and it's all been keeping me busy, and not blogging as often as I would like, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

I'm getting married!!

Yes, POH will become DH later this month, and how wonderful that will be.  Having dithered and dawdled for years, we suddenly decided earlier this year that we wanted to do this, and we went off and booked a lovely country house hotel, sent out the invitations, and bought The Dress (followed by The Suit).  It will be a fairly quiet affair, with close family and friends joining us for the ceremony, Pimm's and canap├ęs on the lawn (assuming the weather holds!), formal dinner and a 'garden party' event, with games on the lawn.  Just our cup of tea.

Naturally, given my blog name, we have made a lot of the wedding paraphernalia ourselves, (but surprisingly, for most of my loved ones, not my dress!)  It's been really, really busy, and I can't show you any photos yet as some of our guests read my blog!  I promise I will though, once we are married. Ooh!  That sounds so lovely!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one month, I am also going to be taking (Very Early) retirement this month too!  Another decision that has taken me a long time to arrive at, but I know, for me, it is the right decision, as I have so many other things I want to devote more time to.  I only work part time at the moment, but even so I find trying to squash in everything I want to do is like, to quote my late Mum, 'trying to fit a quart into a pint pot'.  I am excited about that too, and ultimately having lots more time to devote to my creative life, and my blog of course!

So, unusually for me, this in a blog post lacking in photos, as Project Wedding is very much under wraps - swathes and swathes of tissue paper mainly - but it's all so exciting I couldn't resist sharing our happy news!  Thank you for reading it!

Donna x