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Miette Revisited


After completing the five dresses in ten days for my daughter I thought it was time to make something for myself, so I picked my current favourite skirt, 'Miette', from Tilly and the Buttons.

Regular readers will remember I have made this before, more than once, as it is a practical and comfortable skirt to wear.  I also tweaked the pattern ever so slightly, which you can read about here.

Miette is a back wrap skirt, knee length, with waist ties.  It has an optional double front pocket, which I hadn't made before as I had wanted to cut the skirt front on the fold of the fabric to eliminate the centre front seam.  However, for the pocket you do need the seam so I cut the front in two pieces.

The fabric I bought a long time ago from Standfast and Barracks, Lancaster, in the days when they were printing Liberty fabric.  It is a heavier cotton, with a slightly brushed feel, just right for this time of year.

I finished all the edges with twin needle topstitching in matching thread.

I wore my skirt for the first time today and loved it!  I particularly like the waist ties as we had a (very) large picnic on this gloriously sunny Sunday and I could loosen off the waist and still look held together ;)

This is Miette number four, and I can certainly see more Miettes coming along soon!

Donna x 


  1. Clicking on your link in 'which you can read about here' I thought at first: It doesn't work - I'm staying on your new post. But then I realized that I had to scroll down for ALL of your posts about Miette! Great to see how changing small details and using a different fabric can create a different look. Love the embroidered details on the ties!

    1. I've certainly made a few! It is such a comfortable skirt and, as you say, in different fabrics looks like a completely different skirt altogether. Which is just as well really... ;)


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