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Hello!  Happy Friday to you all.

It's been a glorious day - sunny and warm - and I've had such a nice day.  I was up and baking scones bright and early this morning to take to a Macmillan coffee morning at a friend's house.  Such a great thing to get together to support and we raised lots of money, whilst enjoying lots of happy conversation and laughter.  I won a box of Ferrero Rocher in the raffle and also won the 'guess the weight of the cake' competition.  Obviously my lucky day!

Not only did I spend a couple of hours this morning in good company, eating cake, I also had a leisurely afternoon, as my friend from my former workplace came over and we had pots of tea and plenty of chatter. What a nice way to spend a Friday!

A couple of days ago the knitting in elastic arrived that I had ordered (from Amazon, as I haven't found a local stockist yet).  There are 200 metres in a reel and it cost £2, plus postage.  It's rather strange stuff, as it's gossamer light, incredibly stretchy, but feels surprisingly strong.  

Despite having several of projects on the go I started another knee high sock as I'm keen to let you know how it works.  I worked 40 rows of rib, as I have completed the first sock of my second pair of knee highs and have been testing it around the house (looking very odd, with just one sock on!) and it feels about right.  To use the elastic I just held it along with the yarn and knitted away as normal.  It was a bit slow to start, as the elastic doesn't slip off the needle quite as easily as the yarn, but I soon got used to it being there and completed the rib only a bit slower than normal.  Once the rib was completed I cut the elastic and left a long enough length to darn in later.

The elastic is hailed as being 'invisible' but I can see it a bit on the knitting, but not enough to bother me.  In any case, the tops of my socks are hidden in my trousers!    I will let you know how it holds my socks up once I have finished it!  I took a photo just now of the ribbing, but it's dark outside and so this is a pretty poor photo but you get the idea.  The yarn is King Cole Zig Zag, in colourway 'Wicked'.

This weekend I am soooo excited to be taking part, once again, in Yarndale, the wonderful, woolly festival in Skipton.  I am volunteering both days and also looking forward to having a good look around too.  I absolutely love Yarndale, and personally think it is the most interesting, most friendly, of all the yarny shows I have been to. 

Finally, as I've been in and out of the house today (mainly to eat cake) this happy sight has greeted me at the front door.  Pretty pink cyclamen and happy pansy faces.  What a beautiful day it's been :)

Happy weekend to you all, and I hope some of you are able to be at Yarndale too!

Donna x 


  1. Those scones look lovely! What recipe do you use? Mine always turn out like biscuits...

    1. Hello Alex, thank you for your kind comment! I have adapted a recipe over the years and you can find it on the right hand sidebar of my blog, under 'Pages' - 'Scones'. It's a really easy recipe and always seems to work! x

  2. The flowers make a lovely splash of colour. I have some purple and yellow miniature pansies in my front bed and a pink cyclamen on my dining table. This is its second year with not much attention.

    1. That sounds lovely! I love the leaves on cyclamen almost as much as the flowers. A very pleasing plant all round. x


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