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Sockie, Scrappy Blanket... FINISHED!

Hello friends,

Well, it's finished!  The sockie, scrappy blanket that was meant to be a really long, ongoing project, became therapy.  I worked away at those little 4ply solid granny squares at every opportunity.  I was fortunate enough to be gifted lots of sock wool leftovers by my lovely, yarny friends, so I kept going and going until I ran out of the background colour.  I couldn't get any more of that so used every last piece!

Here it is!!

The finished blanket is 12 squares by 19 squares, so 228 squares in total.  The finished size is 130 cm by 83 cm, making it a really lovely lap size.  The solid granny square pattern is courtesy of my lovely friend, Lucy, Attic24, and can be found here.  I did an extra round, to make them slightly bigger, as I was using a finer yarn.  I used a 3mm hook. 

I edged my blanket in some plum coloured sock yarn, which sets it off quite nicely I think.  I did three rounds of half trebles (UK) and then a final round of crab stitch.  

The background colour is Patons Diploma Gold, and felt a bit scratchy, so I used the trick that Christine (Winwick Mum) told me, which is to soak the finished item for five minutes in warm water to which a good squeeze of hair conditioner has been added.  It really does soften things up nicely!

I laid it on the dining table to photograph and then wobbled about on a dining chair to try and get a decent picture.  I tried an arty photo too ;)

I have loved this project so much and was a bit sad when the final square was done.  However, last Friday Lucy very generously gave me all her sock leftovers... (Sock Yarn Leftover Heaven!)

...other ladies kindly rummaged in their project bags and I was so excited I made a start straight away!

I am planning on making this a full size blanket, and will buy some wool for the background colour.  I was originally planning a natural colour, but am thinking of a pale grey, as the two sofas in one sitting room are a grey Yorkshire wool, and I think this would look rather nice.  I shall keep pondering.  And making squares... :)

Donna x 


  1. Ah, yes, crocheting granny squares. Such a soothing thing to do. And uplifting too, with so many colours to choose from. The crab stitch gives a really neat finish.

    1. Thank you Marijke. I love picking out the colours and deciding which one to do next. I like crab stitch, but still find it a little fiddly to get started with! It does give a nice firm finish though.

  2. It's beautiful. How long did it take you to make it?

    1. Thank you Femke. It took me about 3 or 4 months, but doing some socks at the same time. It was a very soothing project, and I am equally enjoying making scrappy blanket number 2! This new one will be bigger, and I am calling it my Friendship Blanket, as it will contain even more memories and hugs from my yarny friends.


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