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All Dressed Up but Not Many Places to Go

Hello friends,

Before any hint of lockdown I had decided I needed some new summer clothes.  I have lost some weight recently (deliberately) and a lot of clothes were now too big, or a bit worn out!  Then we became confined to home, and I felt happy and comfortable in a tee shirt and my collection of Miette skirts and dressmaking fell by the wayside.  My cupboard of delicious Liberty Lawn fabrics kept calling me though so I decided to make a couple of dresses for the odd occasions I do anything more glamorous than food shopping at the moment!

I used one of my favourite patterns, New Look 6224, but a view I hadn't used before, the one with flutter sleeves.  I decided to make both dresses in the same style as the fabric was different enough to get away with it.  This also meant I could cut both out at the same time.  Clever, eh? 

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  The sleeves are so light and fluttery, but provide a bit of coverage from either the sun (Thursday) or the wind (Saturday).  At the moment we are experiencing four seasons of weather in the space of week!

It was nice to do some dressmaking as recently I have done mostly quilting.  I have three on the go!  The quilt for our bed, the wedding quilt for my daughter and her fiance, and a quilted wallhanging.  As the wallhanging is by far the smallest, (the other two are King Size quilts) I decided to make this my project-to-finish-during-lockdown and I'm happy to say I have finished all the blocks and have started stitching them together.  It is a raw-edge applique quilt, and each block was quite labour intensive so took a while.  I'm not going to give away anything else but wait until it's completely finished and then reveal it!  

Oh, I did also make a quick project - a new peg bag!  Ours was literally hanging by a thread so I made a new one from a lovely piece of sturdy calico, which I also used for the lining. I embroidered the front with Sunbonnet Sue, which was a pattern by Anita Goodesign.  The photo isn't great as it's hanging on a white door after I'd given it a final press, but here it is anyway!

Back to joining quilt blocks now!

Take best care,

Donna x 


  1. Those dresses are perfection - especially the first one in the darker fabric. Elegant sophistication with simplicity and ease of wear. Beautiful!

  2. I really like the dresses you have made, Such an elegant style. Peg bag is fab too. Happy weekend x


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