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Venturing Out

Hello Friends,

As always, I hope this finds you safe and well, wherever you are in the world.

Life jogs along well here.  Lots of time in my sewing room, and the garden when it's not raining!  

As a family, we've been reluctant to go 'out out' unless it's been necessary, but dipped our toe in the water of venturing further afield recently.  Last week we went to see my daughter and her fianc√© in London, which was absolutely brilliant!  We drove down to avoid using public transport, taking with us a picnic and flask of tea for the journey!  Oh what a wonderful reunion we had with them.  As is the case for families all across the world, the parting for so long has been hard, but the coming back together again oh so sweet.

As we had the car we took a trip to Epping Forest, for a walk and a picnic lunch.  It was so lovely flopping on the warm ground for a picnic and a chat.  Why does food always taste even nicer out of doors?

We also went into the West End to do a little bit of shopping and I can honestly say I have never seen Regent Street and Oxford Street so quiet, well, not since I was a child growing up in London! We managed to get everything we needed in a short space of time then went to meet my daughter's friends and their puppy in a local park.  Daisy enjoyed playing 'chase' with her new friend, and we had a good chat and lots of laughter at the dogs' antics.

Once we were back at home, feeling ever braver, my husband and I went shopping for the first time, other than for food.  I felt quite giddy with the excitement at seeing lovely, and rather tempting, things again!  I decided to treat myself to a very pretty breakfast cup and saucer, milk jug and tray. So delicate and fun and don't the puffins and penguins just make you smile?

Two of my dear friends and I have swapped out regular cafe meet ups for long walks with a picnic and I am really enjoying it!  We live in such a beautiful part of the world and are quite spoilt for choice for places to walk from our doorsteps.  This is one of my favourite walks, up on the hills overlooking the beautiful Ribble Valley, feeling like I'm sitting on the top of the world!  

My husband and I have started to be more adventurous where we walk Daisy too, and pack up the mini flask, water, and our Ordnance Survey app, and go off exploring.  Really special.

The River Ribble

On the banks of the River Ribble

Ribble Valley

This pandemic has made us all a bit inventive, and I am pleased over the past few weeks to have spent happy hours with friends in parks, gardens, and even sat on driveways!  Going without things has been OK, but not seeing those we love, not so good.  How truly wonderful it is to reaffirm those relationships and see the smile of a friend, or hear their laughter in real life.  Priceless.

Stay safe,

Donna x 


  1. Such good news, about being able to visit your daughter again! How you must have missed that! And seeing more friends, too, is a very good thing. Thank you for the lovely pictures of your surroundings. It's silly, but I had never realized that the Ribble was a river. I somehow thought of the Ribble valley as just a ripple in the landscape. (Due to bad Dutch pronunciation of the word, perhaps?)

    1. I absolutely love your idea of the Ribble being a ripple in the valley! It is definitely a very ripply landscape. I shall think of your description when I'm out and about!

      Oh it was truly a joy to see my daughter and her fiance again. What a moment in our personal history that was. :)

  2. It is wonderful to be able to spend more time with family and friends now isn't it. Our grown up children don't live too far away but it was still hard when we couldn't see them. Glad you are starting to venture out and explore a little more of our beautiful countryside again. I love your Ribble pictures,such bright blue sky and fluffy clouds. They really made me happy to see. Have a good week. Bev


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