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Autumnal Projects

 Well hello there!

I'm sitting in my sewing room writing to you, and the November sunshine is streaming through the window.  It's a lovely day out there and I relish these days, as November can often be so dark.

On those dark days this autumn I have been busy finishing off some projects that have largely been lurking in my sewing room for some time.  I needed some more space to start on Christmas projects so I've had a good go at getting some projects completed, as well as sneaking in a couple of new ones!  

Firstly, knitting! I have never considered myself much of a knitter, and have shied away from anything too patterned or what I considered 'complex'.  More time at home has given me a chance to read up on different techniques and I have knitted my first simple lace pattern!  I started this cardigan months ago, but put off knitting the lace yolk as I had no confidence in my abilities, but it turned out to be so easy to follow and I actually enjoyed doing the lace pattern more than the stocking stitch!  The pattern is King Cole 5305 and the yarn is 'Drifter'.

I also had a look at a slip stitch pattern and fancied making a pretty shrug I spotted as a free pattern on the Knitrowan website.  The pattern is called 'Kew'.  Clothing that ends where this shrug does aren't that flattering on me, so I lengthened it by 5cm, so it is just on my waist, and I am really happy with it, and have worn it loads already.  The yarn was from my stash and is Rowan Cashsoft DK, which is sadly discontinued, sad as it is the softest yarn and was available in such gorgeous colours.  The slip stitch pattern was so easy to do and I love the effect it gives.

I've also finished two quilting projects, which I started back in the summer, then put to one side as there was 'loads of time' before they would be put out on display.  Well, that time evaporated and it was a rush to finish them whilst there were still some golden leaves left on the trees!  For these I used the pattern 'Handstitched Autumn' from Anita Goodesign.  Most of the fabrics are Lewis and Irene 'Scarecrow Acres', now also discontinued.  There seems to be a discontinued theme here, but it did mean I managed to purchase the fabric greatly discounted from the wonderful shop (online as well as physical) 'Nicola's Fabrics'.  If you like to quilt and have never visited the website, you are in for a treat!

Here is the wallhanging:

And the table runner:

Now I've made some space in my sewing room, I have been trying to organise things a bit.  My friend Christine, the super-talented Winwick Mum, has this fantastic idea on her blog for circular needle storage.  As most shops are closed at the moment I hunted around the house and came up with an adapted version, less colourful, as this is all I had, but does the job.  I love it!  Such a simple idea but I can now see at a glance which needles I have, plus I no longer have to hunt them down and deal with all the slippey slidey packets.  Thanks Christine for the great idea!

So, what am I working on now?  Well, Christmas presents I can't yet reveal, but I can show you my latest knitting project, which is this fabulous vintage cardigan.  It reminds me of the television programme, 'Call the Midwife', which in turn reminds me of my Mum, as I was a child of the 60s.  I chose the Drops yarn 'Cotton Merino', ordered from Wool Warehouse, and it is the softest, scrummiest yarn.  

One thing I love about most vintage patterns is the tension square is more often than not just 1 inch square, plus a couple of extra stitches each side.  So much quicker to knit, and I was delighted to see my tension was spot on so I could get straight on to the knitting.  

What projects are you working on at the moment?  Please do share as I'd love to hear!

Donna xx


  1. Thank you for a lovely blogpost! I remember your sewing room from another post, and can imagine you sitting there. Your knitting projects turned out great. I think your red shrug also has that nice vintage vibe you mention later on. And I'm so glad the quilt fabrics shop you mentioned isn't shipping abroad :). Too many temptations.

    1. I laughed out loud when I read you were glad Nicola's Fabrics aren't currently shipping abroad! Temptation averted! :D Thank you for your kind comments. I am wearing my red shrug today and it is toasty warm, but leaves my arms free, which I like.

  2. The cardigan,shrug and table runner all look stunning. Glad you have been able to finish some projects but I bet the space they made will soon be filled with something else creative x

    1. Ah, thank you! That's so kind of you. Yes, the vacated space has been filled with felt, ribbon and other Christmassy bits! x


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